Here are a few helpful utilities for debugging your ElasticUtils work.

Score explanations

Want to see how a score for a search result was calculated? See Scores and explanations.

get_es dump_curl

You can pass a function into get_es() which will let you dump the curl equivalents.

For example:

from elasticutils import get_es

class CurlDumper(object):
    def write(self, s):
        print s

es = get_es(dump_curl=CurlDumper())


elasticsearch-head is the phpmyadmin for elasticsearch. It makes it much easier to see what’s going on.


elasticsearch-paramedic allows you to see the state and real-time statistics of your ES cluster.


Sometimes, it helps to see exactly what’s going over the wire. ngrep has a horrible web-site, but it’s a super handy tool for seeing the complete conversation. You can use it like this:

$ ngrep -d any -p 9200

And then run your program and watch the output.

I often use this when testing sample ElasticUtils programs to see how mappings, document values, facets, filters, queries and all that work.

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